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GTCC Volunteer Chaplains

Chaplains are available on a confidential basis for people to support their emotional and spiritual well-being, visiting local workplaces (including companies, department stores, theatres, shopping centres, nightclubs, banks, civic offices and leisure locations) with the agreement of the management and staff.

“Chaplains come from all walks of life”

Chaplains come from all walks of life but undergo a training course to equip and prepare them for the role of chaplain to people in the workplace.

They are motivated by their faith to care for people and communities. Their role is simply to offer care, comfort and support to people of any faith or none. How is this done?

  • Offering a listening ear for people, hopefully enhancing a sense of well-being for individuals and the organisation they work for
  • Providing an opportunity for someone to off-load worries, frustrations, concerns and reactions to events in their personal and work life
  • Being available for deeper one-to-one discussions on personal, family, or work-related issues
  • Offering support to companies, particularly in times of change and stress
  • By not imposing his/her Christian beliefs on anyone. The service is free and available to everyone of all faiths and none.
  • All conversations are kept strictly confidential

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Or call the Town Centre Chaplain, Rod Boreham on: 07500 834658

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