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Guildford Town Centre Chaplaincy has ‘collaboration’ as one of its core values.  We believe it is important to build and maintain strong partnerships with other organisations across the town who are all working for the well-being of the people in Guildford.
Guildford is a thriving, bustling town, and we work with our partners to keep it safe, welcoming and an enjoyable place to visit, work, and play in.

Current Partners

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    We can hardly believe it’s nearly ten years since a small group of people from Guildford churches got together in 2008 with a vision to serve vulnerable people in our town, whatever their circumstances. The first project, Street Angels has been our ‘signature’ ever since, and has not only won the hearts of people out and about in the night time economy of the town, but has built bridges in collaboration with the Police and emergency services, the Borough Council and civic bodies.
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