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For the month of March 2023 the 27′ high Knife Angel sculpture made a poignant visit to Guildford Cathedral. Made from over 100,000 seized metal knife blades, it was created to highlight the negative effects of violent behaviour whilst signposting the critical need for social change. Not only does the Angel act as a catalyst for turning the tide on violent and aggressive behaviour, but it is also acts as a beautiful memorial designed to celebrate those lives who have been lost through these violent and thoughtless actions. The sculpture was designed and created by Alfie Bradley in collaboration with the British ironworks in Shropshire and 43 police constabularies. Many families affected by knife crime supported the project and some of the sculptures’ knives tell these families heart-braking stories.

Street Angels were recognised at the end of March for the part they play in reducing violence and aggression, along with the Surrey police and a host of other community minded individuals and organisations by being awarded appreciation certificates by Tim Wates, the High Sheriff of Surrey. Our Angels attended many of the events put on around this historic visit.

Knife Angel Comes to Guildford – March 2023