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I’ve really enjoyed my time as a Street Angel for the 3 years I have been volunteering. I’ve learnt so much and noticed that Im much more confident and able to lead/manage a situation well, which is because of the exposure that street angels has given me to serve and look after Guildford.

I’ll miss it and often think back to people and even some animals I’ve cared for whilst on shift! A particular highlight for me was being able to talk a member of the public down off of the bridge near Popworld, which was not something I thought I’d be able to do if you asked me in 2018!

The Angels I’ve worked with have been incredible, and whether they taught me the ropes or put up with me on my first shift as a team leader, they are all amazing people who have such big hearts. I will remember them with fondness.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to join all the way back in 2018! I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the experiences that street angels has given me.

Hannah Whitelegg

We thank Hannah for her service and wish her well as she moves on to new things.

Former Angel Hannah reflects on her time with us, December 2021