The Story

I work alongside up to two hundred officers and staff. I visit on Fridays and am usually there for about 4 hours. I wear my Chaplain’s fleece, a great way for others to recognise me. Most of the time I simply walk around and chat to people. Everyone who works there is carrying a huge responsibility and one of my greatest challenges is knowing when to interrupt and when to pass by. The lovely thing is that so many want to chat.

We cover everything from work and family issues to health and faith. The bottom line is I am there to listen and to listen sympathetically, without judging. I don’t evangelise but do respond when asked questions involving faith and I have had some great conversations! I simply love what I do. The people I meet are dedicated, professional and a joy to know. It is a privilege being part of a group of people dedicated to helping keep Surrey safe.

Russ Volunteer Chaplains
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