Press release by Surrey University 23 November 2020

written by Nikki Dormon

The University of Surrey is providing further financial support to local charity Guildford Street Angels. The £1000 donation will help towards covering the cost of providing their night-time patrols, on Friday and Saturday nights.

Guildford Street Angel volunteers have been patrolling Guildford Town Centre at weekends, late at night, since 2008 – listening, caring and helping vulnerable people. Street Angels have been recognised as making a significant contribution to ensuring the welfare of people on the streets of Guildford at night, including many students.
Nikki Dormon, Public Engagement Manager at the University of Surrey, said “We are delighted to be able to support and work collaboratively with the Street Angels project again this year. Students, as well as many other members of our community, benefit from the care and support offered by the Street Angels night-time patrols, and we really value being able to work closely with the Guildford Town Centre Chaplaincy and the rest of the team. Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our students is our top priority and the Street Angels programme, alongside our own Street Marshals initiative, helps us to achieve this.”
Rev Noelle Coe, Guildford Town Chaplain, thanked the University for their support saying: “The Chaplaincy is thrilled and most grateful to receive this on-going support for our Street Angel project. Many of the people that we help are students, so we are pleased to be working collaboratively with the University to help care for them.”
She added “Street Angels are known and respected in our Town and are there to assist people of any age in need, which is particularly valued at the end of the night to encourage people to disperse quietly and get home safely. The Angels work closely with the police, providing additional eyes and ears, working to avoid conflict and reducing pressure on the emergency services.”
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